Not to be confused with his NPC counterpart or with the skin in the police uniform.

Doggy is a skin in Piggy. He is one of the two secondary bots and antagonists in Forest, the other having been Mr. Stitchy during the Spooky Hunt Event. He is also one of the two tertiary bots and antagonists of Plant, along with Bunny.



He is a brown dog with light brown cheeks and he has red eyes and yellow glowing pupils. He wears a purple shirt / tank top, and he has a light brown snout with a black nose.


Same as the original, but wears dark purple pants and lack cheeks. His shirt now has short sleeves. His left eye's pupil is now red. His left eye is slightly farther from his right eye. His skin is also slightly lighter.



Holds fire axe with both hands while bending down. Slightly moves up and down while doing so.


Same as idle, but the legs are moving the way Beary's legs move.


Lifts up fire axe, then swings it at the player like how Piggy, Little Brother, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Sheepy, Pandy, Teacher, Memory, Kitty, and Angel do it.


  • Doggy's animations are the exact same as Memory's but with leg movements.
  • His jumpscare sound is like Father's jumpscare sound, but 1 semitone pitched down.
  • Doggy is an NPC in Chapter 4, his behavior is very similar to the Alarm Trap and the Laser Gates in Mall, as when you approach him, an alarm symbol appears over your head, similar to the Alarm Trap itself. You are able to die to the bot. To avoid him, all one must do is get away from his scripted path around the map, as Doggy can't follow you around the map, unlike the main bot who can follow you around and doesn't need a 'scripted path'.
  • In Piggy Secret Game, he has his old model.
  • This is one of the only NPCs that appear along with Piggy in maps, the others being Foxy in Chapter 8, Grandmother in Chapter 9, Mousy in Chapter 10, Soldier in Chapter 11, and Mr. P in Chapter 12.
  • Unlike the NPC in Chapter 4, the old Doggy skin has two light yellow eyes instead of one light yellow and one red.
  • Doggy is one of the few skins to have different colored sclera instead of the black ones, others being Angel, Zompiggy, Mr. Stitchy, Poley (in Refinery) and Pony.
    • Because Poley's sclera is also red, this may confirm that the infected red sclera may mean you were an officer or similar to an officer.
  • In Chapter 12, touching the memory of Doggy will stun you for a few seconds, similar to most traps and the Bunny memory.
  • He is the first skin to use the boy model.
  • This is the first skin to have triangular ears.
  • Doggy is the only skin out of the ones based off a Helpful Bot, that changes their weapon in their skin variant.
  • His weapon can be found here in the ROBLOX Catalog.
  • Doggy is the only character to appear as a secondary bot twice. (Forest and Plant)
  • His shirt is purple, just like Tigry, though it's a different type of purple.


  • Out of all of the skins, he's got the quietest theme of them all.
  • Although the redesign does not change the color of his shirt, MiniToon said that it would change on the Guesty & Doggy's Funeral stream.
  • He is the only male skin with a modern model to reuse the Piggy jumpscare animation.
  • If you look at the Official Piggy Website in the merchandise, Doggy is wearing an orange shirt instead of his usual purple shirt, and has his old pupil colors.
  • He is the only one to have Heterochromia when remodeled.
    • In addition, he is the only skin to gain anisocoria when he was remodeled.
    • His redesign is the second skin to have both heterochromia and and anisocoria.

Sound Origins

  • His soundtrack origin is an audio from the ROBLOX Audio Library called Scary Ambience by Xylophyll.
  • His jumpscare sound origin is the jumpscare sound for Granny, but lower pitched. It can be found here.
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