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For chapter 1 of Piggy: Book 2, see Alleys - Chapter 1. For the house map in Piggy: Hunt, see House (Piggy: Hunt).

"It looked so familiar, yet I've never seen anything like it before."
Anonymous User

House is the first chapter in Piggy: Book 1, the third chapter in the Piggy timeline, and the first chapter overall in the Piggy franchise. The player is introduced to most of the basic items of the game, including keys, safes, pistols, hammers, and wrenches. The player is also introduced to gimmicks like fall damage, lasers and vents. Piggy is the canonical bot for this map, though the previous bot was Little Brother, as it is the main bot throughout the game's release of House - Forest. The skins added along with this chapter are Piggy, Little Brother, Mother, Father and Sheepy. Distorted Memory is an altered version of this chapter.


This map is a five-story house, including a basement and an underground garage. There is also a small backyard with a brown shed and well, a dining room with a long brown table, a black and white colored kitchen, a small living room with a couch and table, a main/lobby room, a simple bathroom with a shower and sink, a bedroom with a brown bunkbed, and an attic.


The Player is a police officer tasked to find a kid named Georgie Piggy, who had been missing for unknown reasons. Then the Player gets out of their car, they hear some strange sound, and Piggy sneaks up behind them and bashes them on the head. When the Player finally wakes up in the kids' bedroom of the house, they realize they have been kidnapped and try to get out, but Piggy wakes up shortly after them and starts chasing them around. When the Player escapes, they say that Piggy looked familiar, though it is likely that they had never seen Piggy before. The Player decides to return to the police station to report what they just experienced.


Anonymous User: Well, this is the place that Georgie Piggy was last seen.

Anonymous User: What was that sound?!

Penny Piggy: *Oink*, *bat hitting sounds*

Anonymous User: Oh no, I've got to get out of here!

Anonymous User: What in the world was that thing?

Anonymous User: It looked so familiar, yet I've never seen anything like it before.

Anonymous User: Not to mention the fact that it tried to attack me...

Anonymous User: I need to get some help from the station.

Anonymous User: What in the world was that thing?

Anonymous User: It sounded like it was telling me it came from another dimension...

Anonymous User: There's gotta be some way to find out how to find that dimension, right?

Anonymous User: Ah well, that's for someone else to figure out.


  • Gun: Found in the purple safe in the underground hallway (outside). Used to stun piggy for 20 seconds. (Requirements: Hammer, Purple Key)
  • Green Key: On a table near the starting room, a table in the kitchen, or on a table near the back door. Used to unlock the green locked door in the leftmost hallway on the 1st floor.
  • Red Key: In the room with a green lock, hallway right of the front door. Used to unlock the red locked door on the 3rd floor. (Requirements: Green Key)
  • Blue Key: 3rd floor in the room for the red key. Used to unlock the shed outside. (Requirements: Red Key)
  • Hammer: Laser room, garage, shed, or in the green locked room. Used to take off the boards on the escape and the tunnel (Inside the house).
  • Wrench: Shed, red locked room, or on the bench near the tunnel (in the house end). Used to power off the panels on the escape and in a room on the 3rd floor.
  • Yellow Key: Shed, in the corner of the 3rd floor, on the bench near the tunnel (in the house), or in the garage. Used to unlock the yellow safe inside of the basement.
  • Key Code: Down in the basement in the yellow safe. Used to unlock the code panel on the escape. (Requirements: Yellow key)
  • Orange Key: In the Shed, the room blocked by lasers, or behind the Well in the backyard. This is used to unlock the Orange Room leading to the garage in the basement.
  • White Key: In the well, after you put all the gears in the shed, it'll rise up from the well in a bucket. Used to unlock the white lock on the front door.
  • Purple Key: Found in the bathroom behind the door, in the kitchen, or in the basement. Used to unlock the purple safe in the basement part near the shed.
  • Plank: On the shower floor, in the red key room, or between the house and the side of the shed. Used to unlock the 2nd half of the 3rd floor.
  • Red Gear: By the dining table, garage, or on a circular table in the living room. Used on the generator inside of the shed along with the green gear to activate the well.
  • Green Gear: Laser blocked room, garage, or on the bench near the purple safe. Used on the generator inside of the shed along with the red gear to activate the well.
  • Pages: On the back wall of the shed, inside the vent where the Hammer is used, next to a shelf in a small room in the basement, next to a bench in the Laser Gate room, in the shower and on a wall in the Green Key room.


  • Piggy wakes up, referred to as spawn, right in front of the exit door of this map.
  • Before the game became popular, this was supposed to be the only map in the game.
  • An edited, more distorted version of this map was added into the game under the name Distorted Memory.
  • It is similar to the house in Granny in several ways, for example, the staircase is in the same location and lobby/main room.
  • A picture of Sonic the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed (2008) can be found on the back of the green towel in the bathroom.
    • Even after Piggy got famous, the easter egg still hasn't been removed yet.
  • House, Forest, Gallery, Winter holiday, and RB Battles Studio are the only maps in Piggy that do not have any notes, though this only applies if you exclude the note that was added for Spooky Hunt.


  • MiniToon first confirmed in a livestream that he would add an ending cutscene to this chapter. This was then added along with ending cutscenes of Station and Gallery, plus Budgey and Ghosty as purchasable skins.
  • It is possible to get fall damage on the second floor of the map by going forward and spam jumping on the fence of it. It may be because MiniToon put a wall that damages players if they jump from the third floor.
  • There are windows which can be seen outside but can't be seen inside located above the escape door.
  • The old escape ending cutscene music originates from the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies map "Mob of The Dead" as one of four possible game over tracks.
  • When Piggy attacks you in the opening cutscene, the oink sound effect is the oink sound effect of a Minecraft pig. This can also be said for Doggy in Forest, where his bark sound effect is the wolf bark sound effect from Minecraft.
    • It is also the exact same sound Georgie makes when he stuns the Piggy in Plant.
  • This was one of the 4 chapters to have Little Brother as a bot before removing it in the Chapter 5 Update, the others being Station, Gallery, and Forest.
  • This is one of the few chapters which was decorated for Halloween. The others being Forest, School, Carnival, and Alleys.
  • This is MiniToon's second favorite chapter in Piggy and his favorite Book 1 chapter.
  • Only on Halloween, Mr. Stitchy will be visible when looking outside the window next to the vent near the red key room on the third floor.
  • According to MiniToon, if House is to be added to Piggy: Intercity, it will be redesigned.
  • For the April Fool's 2021 update, the name for this chapter was renamed to "Gurt's House".
    • The final scene during the April Fool's Event in House was also changed.
    • This has been reverted, as April Fool's had passed.
  • This map was a part of the Gold Piggy skin puzzle, once you completed the puzzle, a safe would open in the top of the house and would reveal the Gold Piggy Trophy, once you clicked it you were able to equip the gold piggy skin.
  • The icon for the chapter uses a photo of the original version (the version with pictures taken from Peppa Pig). This is probably because MiniToon didn't notice/think people would notice it.


Old Ending Cutscene: Mob of the Dead - Standard Ending

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