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Not to be confused with his UGC item or his YouTooz.

"Ahoy everyone!"
― MiniToon's catchphrase

Kohl Couture, better known online as "MiniToon", is the creator of Piggy and its franchise as a whole.


He is known to make skin models, make and host Piggy events, and make chapters with its storyline. He started off when he was young, beginning to create a few games by using free models when some developers offered him some help. They taught him how to code and make models in Roblox Studio. After learning, he started to develop Roblox Piggy. At that time, IK3As offered him help, and she made a large high-quality cathedral in which MiniToon accepted her offer. In the years, many people contributed to Piggy to make it what it looks like today. He is the only known owner of a developer-exclusive weapon in Piggy: Intercity which is the laser saber, and has a developer-exclusive skin in the main Piggy game called Pickle Rick.




Non-Piggy Related


  • There were once rumors going around of him being banned. Someone had apparently managed to find the details of his old email associated with his account, but this was later confirmed to be a hoax.
  • He owns 3 player models in Build Mode only exclusive to him. These are Boony, Kreeky and Amogus.
    • There are possibly more player models the public doesn't know about.
  • He has been in a lot of interviews with Piggy YouTubers, such as KreekCraft, Ant_Antixx, and BigBSt4tz2.
  • He seems to be a big VALVe fan, as he used many sounds effects from their games. He even made some games based on theirs.
    • He also seems to be a SCP fan as well, since he made a SCP game before and based Mr. Stitchy off of one of the SCP-096's skins.
  • He is one of the two owners of the Pickle Rick skin, with the other being Lantlea.
  • He confirmed that his favorite Piggy characters are Mr. P, Bunny, Georgie Piggy and Willow.
  • In one of Ant_Antixx's interviews, it is stated his favorite skin to come out during Book 2 is Pumpiggy due to the glowing effect.[2]
    • Also in the same interview, he mentioned that his favorite Book 2 Chapter is either Sewers or Factory. [3]
      • Although, he later stated that Ship was his favorite chapter in a separate interview.
  • He won "Best Creator of the Year" during Roblox's 8th Annual Bloxy Awards.
    • Alongside that, Piggy also won "Game Of The Year" and "Builderman's Award of Excellence".
  • He was verified on Twitter on June 1st, 2021.[4]
  • He considers himself asexual.[5]
  • MiniToon goes by He/They pronouns, as seen on his Twitter profile.
    • This means he goes by both he/him and they/them.
  • The origin of his username “MiniToon” came from when he was thinking of something that went well with “toon” (His previous username was toonlink76543) at a bus stop waiting for school. Then, he eventually came up with the username “MiniToon” out of the blue. [6]




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