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Piggy is a survival horror game created by MiniToon that combines the game-play and aesthetics of Granny and the style of Peppa Pig (although the game has since strayed away from the TV show). In the game, players can either be a survivor or Piggy, or if selected gamemode, one can be the Traitor. The main goal in each map for survivors is to complete different tasks and escape while avoiding the Piggy before the timer runs out. Meanwhile, the Piggy has to kill all the survivors or at least prevent them from escaping. Originally, it was meant to be a joke, as a mini-game, and a game for MiniToon and his friends to play, but it has, to his surprise, achieved multiple milestones like being Game of the Year during the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards and is the fastest game to reach a billion visits and is on the way to ten billion.

The game takes place in a city of Lucella and starts with you trying to find someone called Georgie Piggy (formerly George Pig and George Piggy) to finding and taking revenge on Mr. P who abandoned you in the Hospital. This all started with Mr. P, who caused The Infection accidentally thinking that it would help cure his wife, Mrs. P. While you try and find a cure, many events take a toll on your journey.

The community of Piggy are people who respect the game and play it, sometimes Piggy gets criticism and people want to get the game removed. There are also many fan-games that are similar to Piggy. Some of them were deleted due to copyright of Piggy, but MiniToon, the developer of Piggy, started to help these developers to get back their games or making a new one. He tends to give credit to these games.

Overall, Piggy has expanded a lot from just being a joke game on Roblox to having its own official website with its own action figures, and a lot more!



Piggy (Main Controls)

  • Pick/Use Items: Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile), Right Trigger (Controller)
  • Crouch/Place Traps: CTRL (Computer), Tap (Mobile), B (Controller)

Build Mode:

  • 1, Open the category menu.
  • 2, Open menu, choose between 6 tools to change it to. (1 is Delete, 2 is build, 3 is colouring, 4 is colour picking, 5 is no tool and 6 is resize.)
  • 3, Open Colour/Material GUI. There are currently 20 materials and 128 colours to choose from.
  • 4, Opens the menu.
  • R, Rotate the object counter-clockwise.
  • T, Tilt the object clockwise.

Main Menu

Main Article: Main Menu

The Main Menu is a UI with multiple buttons that affect how you can play, for example if you click on the abilities button, you can equip different abilities that can affect your gameplay. In the Book 1 main menu, there is the Play button, the Skins button, the Abilities button, the Build button, the go to Book 2 button and buy Piggy Tokens button. In the Book 2 main menu, there is the Play button, Skins button, Abilities button, Build button, go to Book 1 button, Settings button and the buy Piggy Tokens button.

Voting Menu

Main Article: Main Menu/Voting.

The Voting Menu UI is where you can vote your gamemode and chapter. It starts with a 30 second intermission and then goes to a 15 second map/chapter voting then it goes to a 15 second gamemode voting then the round starts. The chapters/maps are:

House - Chapter 1

Station - Chapter 2

Gallery - Chapter 3

Forest - Chapter 4

School - Chapter 5

Hospital - Chapter 6

Metro - Chapter 7

Carnival - Chapter 8

City - Chapter 9

Mall - Chapter 10

Outpost - Chapter 11

Plant - Chapter 12

Book 2:

Alleys - Chapter 1

Store - Chapter 2

Refinery - Chapter 3

The Safe Place - Chapter 4

Sewers - Chapter 5

Factory - Chapter 6

Port - Chapter 7

Ship - Chapter 8

Docks - Chapter 9

Temple - Chapter 10

Camp - Chapter 11

??? - Chapter 12


Gurt - Chapter ?

Distorted Memory

Winter Holiday

RB Battles Studio






Player + Bot




Survivors' Tasks

The main goal is to locate all of the items needed and use them in each of their respective uses to get the the final items to escape the map, all while escaping Piggy and their traps. You also have the option to knock out Piggy for 20 seconds by giving a friendly NPC an item or by getting a gun from the purple safe and loading it with ammo.

Piggy's Tasks

The main goal is to locate the survivors and kill them. On Infection mode, when you attack the player, they will become a piggy too. You can get stunned with offensive items like the gun (if the player has ammo) or by a friendly NPC like Zizzy, Pony, Bunny, etc.

Traitor's Tasks

The main goal is to kill all the other survivors or to escape the map, you can get killed by the gun, (if the player has ammo) crossbow, (if the player has ammo) or the Piggy; but not the Friendly NPCs.

Swarm Gamemode

Same as bot, but as every minute passes by (8:30, 7:30, 6:30, etc.) a new bot from any chapter (except secondary bots) spawns in, and also having random speed, making the game harder. You get 45 tokens when escaping (Not including gamepasses or hard mode). This is the only limited gamemode so far.



Main Article: Items

Items are a mechanic in Piggy, you can equip the item by Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile), Right Trigger (Controller) and you can equip it by clicking the item icon or typing its number (Computer). There are various types of Items from Keys to Hammers. You usually use them on Locks and Obstacles but sometimes you can use them for events and others. Not all Items are clickable, some items you can walk into them to get it like Blueprints. The types of Items are Keys, Keycards, Gears, Offensive Items, Gifts, Quest and Others.


Main Article: Obstacles

Obstacles (Also known as Events) are a mechanic in Piggy, they block your path so you can't go beyond the obstacle, you can get rid of the obstacle by either Click (Computer), Tap (Mobile), Right Trigger (Controller) or equip the item and go into or click/tap/right trigger on the obstacle. There are various types of Obstacles from Doors to Events. The types of obstacles are Doors, Safes, Locks, Events, Keycard Doors and Others.


Main Article: Abilities

Abilities affect both survivors and Piggies, they allow the survivors to have boosts like automatically know every single location of every item for a time period. You can get them by discovering an amount of their Blueprints which appears in every single map. The abilities for the survivor is Sprint (Free), Magnifying Glass (50), Decoy (100), Team Magnifying Glass (75) and Team Energy Boost (125) and many more. They require a specific energy amount to activate. For the Piggies, its traps, they can equip 3 different trap types at a time and they can place the traps down but they cost energy. The current traps are the Default Trap (Free), Small Trap (75), Big Trap (125), Slow Trap (150), Alarm Trap (175), Egg Trap, (200), Black Hole Trap (215), Mouse Trap (250), Teleporter (300), Tombstone Trap (Quest), Snowpiggy Trap (Quest) Crawling Trap (Quest) and Inflatable Trap (Free, from January 28, 2021 to January 31, 2021).


Main Articles: Energy and Energy Bar

Energy is a mechanic in Piggy. Every time you play, there will be an energy bar that will appear along with your abilities (Survivor-Only) or traps (Piggy-Only). Each second, your energy will gradually go up until its cap at 10, you can use energy for traps and abilities to boost your gameplay. You can also get more Energy from an ability called Team Energy Boost which gives all the survivors two more energy points but depletes your energy completely. Playing on Hard Mode as a survivor completely disables this mechanic.


Main Article: Badges

Badges are not only a mechanic in Piggy but for the whole Roblox game. You can obtain these badges from certain quests and completing chapters/maps. There are currently 25 badges.


Main Article: NPCs and Friendly NPCS

NPC stands for Non-Playable Character, meaning you can't play as them. There are multiple NPCs in the Piggy story that each play a specific role. NPCs include Bots, Friendly NPCs, and more.

Friendly NPCs are the NPCs that help you in the chapters/maps, they can knock out the Piggy for 20 seconds but require ammunition, for example, Bunny needs a Carrot to stun piggy with her weapon.


Main Articles: Bot and Bot/Gallery

Bots will try to kill you every time you play a round. There are two types of Bots: Primary and Secondary. Primary bots either have the Normal Script where it simply automatically knows your location and travels that way. Examples include Teacher and Rash. In the Advanced Script, the bot is the same speed as the Player but has to look around for you. Examples include Alfis and Kolie. There was a removed script for them where the bots basically follow your every single movement, but as it was easier to escape the map with this feature, it was removed. Secondary Bots either have the Normal Script, Advanced Script, or it just doesn't try and kill you at all. The 3rd option basically means that they spawn but they won't target you or look around for you; you just die by going into them. Examples include Foxy and Mousy.

Build Mode

Main Article: Build Mode

Build Mode is a feature in Piggy and was added on June 28th, 2020. This introduces to some more sub-features like the Server List and Block Placing. Hence its name, you can build chapters in this gamemode. There are multiple types of blocks, materials and colors that you can use to create the your map, along with events and items.


Chapter # Description PIcture
House 1 The player is a police officer (confirmed as of Chapter 9) going to investigate the disappearance of Georgie Piggy. Upon getting out of their car, the player hears a weird noise and gets hit. The player then wakes up in a bedroom, and after escaping, goes to the police station for backup.
Station 2 After escaping the house, you get to the police station. However, Doggy (your old partner) announces to get into the garage due to a monster being in the station. You unlock the garage and you meet him there. After giving the car gasoline, Doggy and you drive away from the Station.
Gallery 3 In Chapter 3, we run out of gas and are forced to enter a gallery and escape. Although this is not confirmed, but Father may have followed the player and Doggy inside the Gallery because in the beginning cutscene, Father is seen surronding the car, which was out of gas. Player said that some of the monsters looked familiar.
Chapter3gallery (1).png
Forest 4 We go to a forest after escaping and live in a tent for four weeks. You say that those monsters look like our friends while Doggy asks us to go to sleep.However, while we are asleep, Doggy (either deliberately or was forced to) drinks a potion, and he becomes infected. You then have to escape the forest, and you find a walkie talkie on the ground and get a message from someone.
School 5 The person calling is confirmed as Mr. P, and he asks you to rescue his friend at the school. There’s a Piggy monster there as well. If you decode the message in the whiteboard, it seems that people infected with the Virus can’t control their actions, and their minds and their bodies are in a different place. After you rescue his friend, which was Bunny, you meet Mr. P in the sewer, and you start getting dizzy and then faint while Bunny brings you to a hospital.
Hospital 6 After waking up Bunny informs the player that Mr. P is waiting on the roof and that the hospital isn't safe anymore, because Beary (the doctor) had been infected. You must escape once more. Around the hospital, there are notes about an experiment involving "the majority of a family". It is questioned whether or not the family was the Piggys, and if it was, which family member wasn't there, however, we know that it is George due to the missing posters. Through Chapter Seven, we are led to believe that Mr. P botched the mission and created the monsters. After escaping, the player and Bunny find out Mr. P left without them. They then have to find another way out. As you turn to leave, Bunny stays where she is. You ask if she is coming and she replies yes, but she is distracted by a note left by Mr. P saying "I have to do this for our own good.".
Hospital voting.png
Metro 7 The player and Bunny are almost out of the city. All the player needs to do is unlock the train to escape. However, Bunny tells the player that she needs to rest. The player needs to get out. After the player unlocks and gets on the train, Bunny tells the player that Mr. P gave her a potion and she would become a monster. The player insists for her to get on but she refuses, fearing that the potion will consume her soon. She tells the player that she will stay and try to hold off Piggy for as long as she can. Then the player leaves without her. Also just an observation, but when the final scene is playing once you've escaped, Bunny's theme can be heard in the background. The same theme is heard as her Piggy skin in the shop. However, during the scene, her theme is played slower than it usually does probably signifying how close she is to becoming evil.
Carnival 8 The player arrives at the carnival, hoping to get revenge on Mr. P. After the player unlocks the exit, the player talks but gets cut off because Pony and Zizzy are seen there. Pony thought you were infected and asked Zizzy. Zizzy tells Pony the infected can't talk. The player introduces themselves and asks them what are they doing here. Zizzy replied that they were looking for survivors, and she has a safe place. Then Pony sees Foxy behind and thinks he is a friend. Then Zizzy tells Pony he is infected, so he hits Foxy's head with his wooden sword. Then they take the player with them to a place they call a "safe place".
City 9 You arrive on a rooftop. Pony says that he sees the safe place. It's confirmed by Zizzy there are other people inside of the building. You, Pony, and Zizzy need to find a way in. Once getting past the gate Zizzy asks what you were doing before all this, you confirm that you are a police officer. Pony was trying to become an optometrist like his father and Zizzy was a fencing coach. Zizzy has sisters she also taught fencing. It is confirmed that her sisters are in the safe place too. Zizzy asks how you ended up in the Carnival and you tell her that you were looking for Mr. P to stop him because he has been giving out potions that turn you into the infected. Zizzy tells you to stay at the safe place for a while. From the trash bin, you hear noises. Assuming someone is watching you, you and Zizzy check it out. Pony stays behind saying: "Stay Safe.."
Mall 10 The person in the trash can is not seen by the camera. The person runs into the mall to hide. You question why the person would hide in the mall. You and Zizzy walk in and you yell "We're going to find you...Whoever you are!" After getting past the locked door on the second floor, Zizzy tells the person who ran from the trash can to show themselves. Georgie Piggy pops out behind a counter with an afraid look on his face. He is wielding a bat as a weapon in case someone tries to attack him. He asks how you know who he is and you tell him your name. You also let him know he was the person you were looking for when going to the house. He says after his family visited the hospital, they acted all strange and scary. He went to the city to find Grandma but everyone looked scary so he hid in the trash can. Zizzy tells him to come with you and her. George asks if he can see his family and you tell him that you will find the person behind this all. You go to the safe place and one of Zizzy’s sisters says that Zizzy is back with friends. The other says you look pretty funny and Pony says that they tracked a helicopter signal nearby. You suspect that it is Mr. P and you want to see him. Pony says he and Zizzy will come with you to find Mr. P. Zizzy says that she will be back soon and to take care of George Piggy. You guys head out to go find Mr. P and to stop him.
Outpost 11 The helicopter signal leads you, Pony and Zizzy to a military outpost. At the end, you were about to go in the base but finds out that George Piggy followed you. Pony asked why he wasn't with the sisters. Georgie told him that he tricked them into playing a game of hide and seek. You asked why he followed us and he said that he wanted to see the person that hurt his family. Pony also stated that he attracted quite the crowd. Zizzy tells you to take George with you into the base while Pony will help her fend off the infected soldiers. You also tell George to stay close since you'll be safe together. Pony wanted Zizzy to know if they're not gonna make it he wanted to tell Zizzy something, but she already knows. Meanwhile, you and George found Mr. P, only he is shown to be a cyborg. He stated that he created a disaster. He tried to make things better but ended up making them worse. You then stated that you and George will stop his evil plans. Mr. P thinks that he is hallucinating the player and George. He said that the people he let down are here to haunt him. George then asks you what he is talking about. Mr. P then says that you and George that they're dead and to leave him alone and runs off. You told George that they'll have to go after him.
Distorted Memory Extra Chapter Georgie wakes up after a nightmare and calls out for his sister Penny. He realizes Penny has gone missing, and gets out of bed to look for her. George sees his house has somehow become corrupted, as he cannot reach the top floor, there are strange portals leading to shadowy areas, and a ghost-like Piggy is chasing him around. He finally finds Penny outside, but she walks away into a black mist. George sinks to the ground, not feeling very well, and says "Oh no... Not now!" as his eyes turn red. He then wakes up with a start in the Mall, and realizes it was all a dream, and it's the same dream as always.
Plant 12 After entering the plant, Mr. P is still insane and is trying to kill you. After showing him a picture of his wife, he regains his sanity and reveals he abandoned you and Bunny in the hospital with researchers because he thought you were infected. Those researchers gave him the cyborg parts. Georgie gets angry at Mr. P for taking his family away from him and tries to attack Mr. P but you stop him, reminding him that if he attacks Mr. P, he will become the one thing he hates the most. Mr. P offers to stay in the plant and fight off the infected. What comes after, is chosen by you.

Good Ending

In the good ending, you leave the plant with Georgie to find out Zizzy and Pony successfully fought off the infected. George suggests working on a cure. In a post-credits scene, Mr. P's hat is left inside the plant, with his location and fate unknown.

Bad Ending

In the bad ending, you tell Mr. P that you can't leave him behind. You try to convince him to come with you. Sadly, you weren't paying attention and Badgy sneaked up on you and killed you. Your infected body later kills Mr. P.

True Ending

In the true ending, Mr. P tells the player that he wanted to tell his story, but you don't allow him. You then tell him to say his story. Before Mr. P does, he tells the player that he should leave the plant after he tells his story. The story is about Mr. P trying to develop a cure to the disease Ms. P has. He put all of his time and money onto saving her. He even rushed the doctors so that he could test the cure. The doctors kept telling him that the cure isn't stable, but he didn't listen and wanted some volunteers. The Piggy family offered to help, except for Georgie. The results were significant. They became stronger. Mr. P was overjoyed about this so he gave it to Ms. P immediately. She was getting better until Mr. P heard the news about the Piggy Family turning into monsters. He thought it had nothing to do with the cure, but Ms. P turned into a monster too. He tried to stop her, but he doesn't have the heart to, so he let her go. He tried to make more cures. That's when the player came along, and he found out some signs of the infection from you but you were still alive. Before Mr. P can do more research, the hospital he's in is raided, and Bunny was attacked. He gave another rushed cure, thinking that he would save her, but he realized what he had done, and left the hospital in regret. And then that's where his story ends. We thank him for telling us about how the infection started, and how we will never forget him. Mr. P gives you good luck. We then left Mr. P in the Power Plant area, and go outside, finding out that Pony and Zizzy has successfully fought off the infected soldiers. Georgie suggests working on a cure just like in the good ending.

  • 1 (Book 2)
  • 13 (Whole Game)
This is a flashback before the infection, the place you and Doggy arrested the Criminal Willow Wolf and her trusty companion in crime, Rash Raccoon. In the opening cutscene, you and Officer Doggy are pictured in front of an Alley. Officer Doggy asks if this is where you think she (Willow Wolf) is. You say your investigation led you there and you are sure Willow is here. This Chapter introduces new mechanics, like locker hiding, and items, like the Scissors, Mop, and the Screwdriver. There are 3 main buildings: A hotel, Leo's Laundromat (Confirming there will be a Lion in the Story) and Daisy's TVs. You must Avoid Piggy or Rash the Raccoon (The uninfected Bot who is trying to defend Willow). You can give Officer Doggy a battery to charge his taser and attack Rash. The exit door requires you to find 3 numbers of a special code, each of the numbers scattered around the map. The code changes every round. When you open the door there is a note: "Please take care of William for me -Daisy". This tells us that Daisy is in the story, and that there is a character named William. There is another note (Presumably written by William) that says "Can K come out and play?". This shows there will also be a character starting with K. Something else that's weird about the map is the mysterious binocular figure watching you from the blocked off top floor of Leo's Laundromat. The end cutscene shows you and Doggy cornering Willow Wolf. Rash tries to defend her, but she tells him to stand down. She tells you desperately to not arrest her, and she needs to feed her family, but you do anyway. Doggy thinks something weird is going on… The cutscene changes to the present, where everyone in the safe house is outside. You, Zizzy, Pony, and Mimi (Uninfected) talk about getting supplies from a store, the next Chapter. You see Uninfected Giraffy tending to plants, and Georgie, in a new outfit we saw from the trailer (the pig on the boat), Zuzy and Zee playing running around in the background. Pony's outfit has changed too, to match his appearance in the trailer. Also, Zee and Mimi now have scarves. Zuzy, Georgie and Giraffy now have hats.
Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 1.02.11 PM.png
  • 2 (Book 2)
  • 14 (Whole Game)
It starts with you, Zizzy, and Pony in a store looking for batteries.

There are keys, Scissors to cut the grass for the purple key, and 2 new items, the remote, used to fix the 4 TVs that will open the black safe, and a ladder to get to the upper cargo room. There are 2 batteries, one in the purple safe and one in the cargo room. Give Pony the carrot so he can move the shelf blocking the lower cargo room. There is grass to feed to Zizzy and she will stun the Piggy/Bot (Dessa). After you make it out, you and the rest go back to the safe place with the batteries. You see Mimi and Giraffy next to the radio. Mimi uses the batteries to restore the Radio mentioned in Chapter 1. It eventually works and someone starts to talk claiming to be called Settlement Six. They are looking for any communities to trade with and request to meet up. They tell you to meet them at Old Oak, but then you lose the signal. Mimi is delighted, wanting to meet them but Pony is reluctant. Giraffy starts to doubt Pony, asking if he's making another joke. Pony replies, that he is being serious about this and won't go. Zizzy agrees with Pony, but still wants to meet up. Pony is surprised, and tries to convince Zizzy not to go.

Zizzy reassures Pony by saying: "Pony, we know how to handle ourselves out there. If we get into trouble, we know how to get out of it". You, the player, agree with Zizzy, remembering when Zizzy and Pony fought an army of infected at the Plant. Pony hesitates, but then gives in, still not trusting the Settlement. Zizzy asks who is staying. Giraffy says that he will need to stay, so that he can harvest as much as he can before winter. Mimi stays also, so she can continue to fix the radio. It ends up with you, Zizzy, and Pony again to meet them.

When the screen lights up, you see that you are in a Forest. Pony asks if it's the right place, since no one is around. Willow then appears along with Tigry, Pandy, Kitty, and Baren surrounding you, surprisingly not infected. Willow walks up to Pony, revealing that he was an ex-member, saying "It's a shame that you left us". From what Willow reveals is that Pony was a good friend, but adds that he is nothing to her now.

Willow then turns to you, accusing the player of taking her away from her family. Willow says that the player felt good for themselves, ripping her away from the ones she cared about.

She then walks over to Zizzy, questioning about who Zizzy is, saying that she had certainly never seen her before. Zizzy snaps back, stating that she knows everything about Willow and her "sick" crew. Willow states that Pony must have told a lot of about them. Willow adds that it was one of Pony's many flaws, saying that he could never keep his mouth shut. Willow then wonders what to do, then comes up with an idea. She orders the rest to take Zizzy and leave You and Pony. Pony starts to run to Zizzy, but Willow whips out a gun, admitting that she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She tells Pony that they're only taking Zizzy into questioning. Zizzy promises Pony that she will stay safe and will come back. Willow points out that Zizzy understands and starts to flee.

Pony is frozen to the spot as they take Zizzy with them. Pony reveals to the player that they are called The Silver Paw, also known as T.S.P. Pony admits that when the infection broke out, he needed to find a group, so he joined them. Pony says that they did awful things but he was too scared to leave. You ask Pony what made him leave them. Pony refuses to tell, saying that it is a story for another time and changes the subject, saying that they need to save Zizzy before it's too late. You want to tell the others but Pony says that there is no time and that he needs you now. You then join Pony and follow them as the screen fades to black.

  • 3 (Book 2)
  • 15 (Whole Game)
At the start you arrive at the T.S.P. base which is an oil refinery. Use the scissors to cut through the 2 wire gates. When you find a green key, unlock the door to the Settlement 6 main building. At 9:30, T.S.P. Tigry will spawn near the player spawn.

Inside the main building, there are 2 stories, and 6 guards around the map (Pandy, Kitty, Filip, Baren, Katie, and Felix). If you get too close to one of the guards an exclamation point will appear over their head, signaling that they see you. Then, they will chase you until you get far away enough (Then they will stop). Pony helps distract 2 T.S.P. members with a carrot and a battery (one specifically Katie guarding the large stair proportion and Filip guarding the escape door). There are a few new mechanics, like the grenade, which you use to stun Kitty and break the glass in one of the rooms, and there are many doors and obstacles. This map takes a really long time to win. You need the white key and the screwdriver to escape.

You escape the map and find Zizzy knocking out an infected. She says she has been doing it all day and that she actually started enjoying doing it. Then you tell Zizzy that they should get out of there soon because T.S.P. will find out that something went wrong soon. But then Zizzy sees that she has a scratch from an infected and she realizes that she will become one of them in a short period of time. She tells you and Pony to go but Pony tells her that they will find a cure for her. Zizzy says that if there WAS a cure then they wouldn't be here in the first place. She then says that she will sabotage a lot of things to make a distraction and tells them to leave once more. Pony sees her point and hugs her and says goodbye. We say to Zizzy to take care. Zizzy says bye and says that she will miss us. We then leave the base and Zizzy presumably turns into an infected while the camera pans to everyone in the Safe Place.

Voting Icon.jpg
RB Battles Studio Extra Chapter You want to join up the RB Battles competition, but nobody responds. While you decided to wait for a little while, you find out that something had locked the front door. You then managed to escape to the roof at another building.
RB Battles Studio Image.png
The Safe Place
  • 4 (Book 2)
  • 16 (Whole Game)
Georgie wakes the player from their room in The Safe Place upon hearing a loud explosion. Neither are aware of the source, but both know that they should escape. Another bang is heard, and the player unlocks different rooms around the building, freeing Pony, Mimi, and Giraffy in the process. Pony finds that Zee and Zuzy are not present, assuming and hoping that they have used the vent to escape safely. Following the survivors’ escape, The Silver Paw (Willow and all of Settlement 6, except Tigry) are outside, and capture every survivor (except Zee and Zuzy), locking them up. Once captured, Giraffy and Mimi apologise to Pony for meeting up with T.S.P in the first place.
Winter Holiday Extra Chapter You, Pony, Zizzy, Giraffy, Georgie, Mimi, Zee and Zuzy are ready to share the presents in a shed, but you suddenly realize that you haven't got anything yet. After 5 minutes of finding presents and escaping Frostpiggy at the same time. You finally found suitable presents for everyone and they're very enjoyed. The cutscene ends with Zizzy wishing us a happy holiday.
Winter Holiday Map.png
  • 5 (Book 2)
  • 17 (Whole Game)
Right after Willow leaves, Zee and Zuzy pop out of a sewer lid and the Player goes down to help them unscrew another lid to escape. After the Player unlocks the cell, Tigry is seen to almost throw a dagger at them, but hesitates and doesn't do it because of how cruel T.S.P was to him. Willow arrives, calls Tigry useless, and then shoots Giraffy. The Player tells the others to escape while they take on Willow.
  • 6 (Book 2)
  • 18 (Whole Game)
The Player and Pony attempt to stop Willow. The Player must collect 3 Wooden Swords to knock out Willow and open the exit. Depending on if you saved all or some of the T.S.P. Members the ending will change. In the Survivor ending while the other Safe Place members and Willow leave to find a cure Mimi stays behind to help Giraffy. In the Savior ending the T.S.P. members offer to help Giraffy allowing Mimi to leave with the other Safe Place members to find a cure.
Chapter 6 Book 2.png
  • 7 (Book 2)
  • 19 (Whole Game)
Willow, Pony, the Player, Zee, Zuzy and Georgie arrive at a port near the ocean. Mimi will also go with them, but only in the Savior Ending continuity. Willow explains how, while she would love to take them across the North Sea, she says that Tigry stole her boat. Then Pony or Mimi, will say that there should be another way to cross the sea, or that there may be a way to get the lighthouse working, respectively. After the Player turns the lighthouse's beacon on while getting ambushed by an infected, a huge ship titled "The Medora" arrives. The crew gets on the ship, and they ask who is there. Suddenly, Budgey appears and explains how she is the captain of the boat, and asks if they are the ones that lit the lighthouse. The crew explains how they need help to cross the North Sea. While Budgey has spare fuel, she explains that it is sealed in the lower levers, and how the rest of her crew is also there, but they are trapped infected by the sickness and curse Davy Jones brought upon them. Willow and the Player eventually decide to go down there together after a short arguement. Budgey tells them to not feed the fishes down there.
Port - Chapter 7.png
  • 8th (Book 2)
  • 20th (Whole Game)
Budgey first says that they need to find gasoline. Once the Player opens the green crate, they and Willow will enter inside, but an infected comes and hits the lock button on the crate, causing the two to get locked in. The Player and Willow afterwards talk about Willow's Parents while they are inside the crate. Later, the door opens with the other Safe Place Members here, and the Player asks where Budgey is and how they found them. Then, they hear a noise, come up to the the exterior of the ship, and see flashes in the sky. Suddenly, Budgey exclaims that they have reached their destination, and the camera fades out.
Ship icon.jpg
  • 9th (Piggy: Book 2)
  • 21st (WholeGame)
The Player and their allies get off of Budgey's ship and down onto the docks. Budgey wishes the team good luck before they part their ways. Willow sees Tigry off in the distance. It is at this point in which the map begins. After finishing the map, the player walks into a large hallway consisting of 2 bridges held above a large pit. They then see Tigry walking across the other platform, and the player and Tigry greet each other. Tigry explains how he never actually wanted to harm the player, and was doing what he was told instead of what he preferred, and the player proceeds to quote Doggy with the line "sometimes we do things because we have to, not because we want to." Tigry attempts to convince the player of abandoning Willow, but the player decides not to trust Tigry, and he leaves. Pony then arrives, asking what he missed. The player fills him in, and Pony expresses how he trusts Tigry, but the player attempts to change that. The entire group is then shown exiting and walking across a large, snowy field with many loud explosions along the ground. The player is then jumped by a blue-eyed Robby with no chainsaw, but is not attacked. Kona then peers out of a large house in the background and remarks towards the player before the group goes inside. Kona says hello to the group and (if the player has completed the savior ending) meets with Mimi again and they have a friendly moment. Kona then describes how he once studied robotics, but now prefers to study the infected. He encourages them to go through the exit under his home, joking that it's even more dangerous than outside. He allows the blue-eyed Robby to travel with the group, and the cutscene then ends.
Docks icon.png
  • 10th (Piggy: Book 2)
  • 22nd (Whole Game)
After meeting with Kona, The player and Robby head under Kona's base to escape, and let the others in. Upon entering, the two meet an infected spider named, Spidella, who chases them around. Once they escape, the player starts feeling "off", and goes through a vision. Inside the vision, The player sees Bunny, Doggy and Zizzy, who tell the player that they're awake. The player is frightened, and repeats that they aren't real. Suddenly, the player encounters a mysterious figure that tells them that he's been fascinated by the player, and that they should be infected, but they aren't. The player asks the mysterious figure why he wants them, and the figure tells them that he can help them see their friends again. The player denies, saying that they don't trust the figure. The figure's last words to the player are that they shouldn't get in his way, and to stay out of his business. The player shouts at him telling him to leave them alone, and the player wakes up nearly hitting Pony. Pony asks the player if he saw the figure, and the player replies saying they had, and asking who he is. Pony says that he doesn't know, and that he said that he could help see his parents again. Willow, hearing Pony mention his parents, tells him to tell the player what happened to them. Pony refuses to tell the player what happened, and an argument starts between Pony and Willow. Mimi stops the argument, by telling them to stay focused, and that they are nearly there on finding the cure. Robby stays behind to watch the children, but the children want to stay with the group. The group and Robby allow it, and they head towards a military outpost, which Kona says that there's something strange about it.
Temple icon.png
  • 11th (Piggy: Book 2)
  • 23rd (Whole Game)
After a glimpse at the end of the previous chapter, Kona continues to talk to Mimi through the walkie-talkie, telling her that the outpost is ahead and the fact it has been quiet for a while. After that, Willow asks the Player what damage has caused, the Player responds with that there is barely any damage, and that the soldiers got infected by surprise, after the Player unlocked the elevator to the bunker, they have a chat with Pony, and Pony reveals that he tried to infect them, which explains why he assumed them as the infected. And later revealed that he infected Doggy with Substance - 128 in the Forest because The Silver Paw forced him to, and the Player didn't like it at all but Georgie reminded that the Player told him back at the Plant him to forgive people that hurts you because they are no better when hurting back, and the Player didn't forgive but still agreed to still be friends with Pony, they later go down to the bunker and splits up to find the cure, and Willow and the Player later finds Tigry about to set an explosive dynamite. Willow and Tigry later have a chat about past, with Tigry explaining all the bad things Willow has done to him, and they later get into a fight and because of that, the pipes fell to the ground, The Player then has to find a way out, and at the end, the Shadow Silhouette appears behind a door.


The main currency in Piggy are the Piggy Tokens. Piggy Tokens can be gained by escaping as a runner in a chapter or killing a player as Piggy. Doing so will award 15 Piggy Tokens. Killing a player as Piggy will award 5 Tokens. Winning as a survivor in Traitor will award 5 Tokens and Escaping a Chapter as Traitor Will award 30 Tokens. You can also purchase them in the Piggy Token shop with Robux, which is accessible in the bottom of the main menu next to the amount of Piggy Tokens you have. There's also a Vials currency, but it's limited and only used for Season 1 - Mr. P's Lab.

Currently, Piggy's season 2 is happening and the currency for that event is candy.

(Note that while using the double tokens game pass, all earnings are doubled, except for purchases, which means a win is 30 Piggy tokens, and a kill is 10 Piggy tokens.)


Main Article: Shop

The Shop is a removed feature in Piggy. It was replaced with the Skins button but it is still referred as the Shop. You can buy skins and equip the skins inside the shop.

Skins | Book 1

Skin Price
Piggy 0 (Default)
Little Brother 50 Tokens
Mother 75 Tokens
Father 100 Tokens
Grandmother 125 Tokens
Sheepy 150 Tokens
Pandy 160 Tokens
Teacher 175 Tokens
Memory 200 Tokens
Kitty 225 Tokens
Mimi 235 Tokens
Dinopiggy 240 Tokens
Daisy 245 Tokens
Angel 250 Tokens
Pony 260 Tokens
Devil 270 Tokens
Doggy 275 Tokens
Giraffy 285 Tokens
Beary 290 Tokens
Foxy 300 Tokens
Elly 310 Tokens
Soldier 315 Tokens
Zompiggy 325 Tokens

Badgy (Alternate)

335 Tokens

300 Vials (Season 1 - Mr. P's Lab exclusive)

Bunny 350 Tokens
Skelly 375 Tokens
Clowny 385 Tokens
Tigry 400 Tokens
Mousy 415 Tokens
Parasee 425 Tokens
Zizzy 450 Tokens
Ghosty 460 Tokens
Robby 475 Tokens
Billy 500 Tokens
Budgey 525 Tokens
Torcher 550 Tokens
Mr. P True Ending Badge Exclusive

Skins | Book 2

Skin Price
Officer Doggy 275 Tokens
Rash 300 Tokens
Katie 325 Tokens
Pandy (Uniform) 350 Tokens
Dessa 375 Tokens
Archie 385 Tokens
Raze 400 Tokens
Tigry (Uniform) 415 Tokens
Kolie 425 Tokens
Markus 425 Tokens
Alfis 450 Tokens
Dakoda 460 Tokens
Tobi 465 Tokens
Felix 475 Tokens
Delta 485 Tokens
Mari 500 Tokens
Kamosi 550 Tokens
Spidella 625 Tokens
Twins 650 Tokens
Kraxicorde 700 Tokens

Skins | Extra

Skin Price
Pumpiggy 300 Tokens
Reindessa 375 Tokens

Crove (Alternate)

500 Tokens

600 Candies (Season 2 - The Haunting exclusive)

Poley Piggy-Jailbreak Crossover Exclusive
Mr. Stitchy Spooky Hunt Event Exclusive
Owell Spooky Hunt Event Exclusive
Frostiggy Win the Winter Holiday Map
Primrose Winter Holiday Event Exclusive
Bess Egg Hunt Event Exclusive
Gold Piggy Egg Hunt Event Exclusive
Phenna Temple Quest Exclusive
Laura Camp Quest Exclusive
Anteo 1050 Vials (Season 1 - Mr. P's Lab exclusive.)
Bakari 1050 Candies (Season 2 - The Haunting exclusive)


  • As mentioned above, the game has the gameplay and aesthetics of Granny. However, unlike Granny, you get only one life in Piggy. If you are slain by Piggy, there is no respawning until the next round begins. Thus, players have to be extremely careful and alert during rounds.
    • Piggy may also be inspired by Piggsy from the video game Manhunt. However, Piggy is much less violent and rather than being a human with a pig mask, they are an actual pig. Rather, it's more likely based around Peppa Pig.
  • The soundtrack heard in the main menu of Piggy: Book 1 is Horror Pantomime, an APM track from the Roblox Audio Library.
  • For the milestone, Piggy is the fastest Roblox game to have 1 billion visits, and was expected to be the fastest game to reach 2 billion visits.
  • Due to this game being based off of Peppa Pig, there were some images and soundtracks from the show. Most of them have been removed or changed due to copyright reasons.
  • Piggy is the forth or fifth most popular game on ROBLOX.
  • Piggy: Book 2 was first confirmed by MiniToon on his channel.
  • Piggy was part of RB Battles as a game with a badge and a sword.
  • This game had broke Roblox two times by surpassing Adopt Me! by players. (1st Time is Book: 1 and 2nd Time is Book: 2).
  • Piggy was also part of the Ready Player 2 event.
  • Because of criticism for the Ready Player 2 event, Piggy had free VIP Servers from November 25th, 2020 to December 8th, 2020.
    • Due to the Egg Hunt Event, MiniToon decided to make VIP Servers free again from April 3rd, 2021 to April 24th, 2021.
      • Finally, due to Heist’s release, MiniToon decided to make VIP Servers free until the Book 2 Chapter 12 releases.
  • The thumbnail for Piggy has changed approximately seventeen times. Including the side thumbnail.
  • Piggy won "Game of the Year" award and the "Builderman Award of Excellence" from the Roblox 8th Bloxy Awards. MiniToon additionally won the "Creator of the Year" award.
  • On April the 1st, 2021, the game was renamed to "Gurty" as an April Fools Joke and the Piggy skin (along with her family) had their head replaced with Gurty's.
  • Sometime during August 2021, Piggy got content deleted.
    • This is a bug and was quickly fixed.
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