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Soldier is a skin in Piggy. Many of them appear in Outpost - Chapter 11 as secondary bots.


Soldier wears a green army uniform with a matching-colored helmet, light brown suspenders, and dark brown gloves. Along with grey pants and black boots. They have a burning scar on the right side of their head. Soldier has a yellow pupil on their left eye and a singular cheek. Their right leg appears to have been misshapen as it's shown that they walk around with a limp.



Stands upright while slightly leaning forward and having arms spread to the sides. Looks forward and has one leg in front, while the other is twisted and in the back.


Same as idle but the legs are moving in a walking motion.


Brings knife up, then swings it at the player.


Skin Version: Same as idle but with head down and head twitching.

Bot Version: Looks upwards and falls into the ground, with hands raised.


  • This was leaked by Minitoon’s Twitter account a day before the skin's release.
  • In Outpost, they are a secondary bot that wanders around. They don't chase you, but if you walk into them, they will kill you.
  • The skin's leg seems to be sideways, possibly meaning their leg got broken in a battle.
  • It holds its weapon backward, just like Tigry, Tigry (Uniform), and Pandy (Uniform), with their weapons respectively.
  • KreekCraft, a Piggy YouTuber predicted that they are screaming a muffled "Nooooo" in their jumpscare.
    • This is actually correct, but it could just be because the origin was screaming "Nooooo" and wasn't actually Minitoon’s intention.
  • This skin's AI in Outpost is similar to Foxy, as they will move in directions randomly.
    • Due to it and the fact that a lot of them spawns in the map makes this skin used as a form of a "trolling" skin for many players is easy, same with Zizzy, as you can troll with the Zizzy skin in City, and Mall.
  • In Build Mode, any NPC (except Bunny) can accidentally knock out a Soldier if running into them.
  • This is the only NPC to appear multiple times in a single chapter at the same time.
  • They can activate NPC Zompiggies with the Tombstone Trap when they wake up if you put them in his spawn location.
  • He is the fifth infected to be in a cutscene, first three being Mother, Father, and Sheepy, fourth being Foxy, sixth being Badgy, and seventh being Kenneth.
  • He's also one of several skins to have shoes, with the others being Torcher, Mr. P, Bess, Dakoda, Archie, Markus, Kona, Phenna, Delta, and Laura.
  • His NPC variant in Build Mode's redesigned, having no cheeks.
  • This is the first skin who uses an audio from GTA for their jumpscare, the second being Kona.

Sound Origins

  • Their soundtrack's origin is an APM track from the Roblox Audio Library called Military Percussion Two, but slowed down.
  • Their jumpscare sound is based on one of Niko Bellic's screams in GTA 4. It can be found here.




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