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Not to be confused with the Torch, Blowtorch, or the Torches.

"Torcher was a member of the military, until he lost control due to the infection."
― Torcher's description, Piggy: Hunt

Torcher is a skin in Piggy, they are the main bot and antagonist of Outpost - Chapter 11. They were added alongside Soldier when Outpost was released.


Torcher wears a yellow helmet that matches their outfit, gray pants with black boots, gloves, and belt with suspenders. They also wear a black gas mask with a ventilator, along with dark red-colored eye lenses with gray outlines, and they wield a large flamethrower with both hands. In addition, they wear a gas tank on their back, which has a black zipper to connect it to the flamethrower.

They look similar to their base game counterpart, however they have black pants that the suspenders connect to, and the ventilator of their gas mask is shorter and the gray part of it vaguely resembles an actual gas mask's voice transmitter.



Stands still leaning down and holding flamethrower with both hands, facing it to the side. Bobs up and down in a breathing motion.


Similar to their idle animation, but their legs go forward and backward in a walking motion.


Points flamethrower toward you and unleashes a burst of fire, killing you. Starts swaying flamethrower to the sides while burning you before bringing it back down.


Looks down and puts arms down, with occasional head twitching (overlays the current animation).


  • Torcher shares several noticeable similarities with Delta:
    • Both appear in Chapter 11 of the book they appear in.
    • Both wear a mask that covers most of their face, though Delta's is more specifically a respirator.
    • Both are unknown species.
    • Both are believed to be leaders of the outpost they operate in.
    • Both of them use a ranged weapon.
    • Both have jumpscares that involve particles.
  • Their name might be a pun on the word "torture."
  • Torcher and Soldier are the first and second military-based skins, with the third being Delta and the fourth being Fergus.
  • This is one of the two skins in Piggy to have an unknown pupil color, the other skin being Crove (Alternate).
  • This skin and Soldier are tied for the first skin to have footwear.
  • They are the first skin to wear a mask, with the others being Felix, Katie, Bess, Badgy (Alternate), Crove (Alternate), Delta, and Carver.
    • Additionally they are the only regular Book 1 skin that wears a mask.
  • Since MiniToon is a big fan of Valve's creations, he used one of the Pyro's death sounds for Torcher's jumpscare sound.
    • Additionally, this is the character Torcher is based on.
  • They are the most expensive Book 1 Skin and fifth overall in Piggy. Their price ties with Kamosi's price.
  • It's currently unknown whether they are infected or not as the mask covers their entire face.
  • This skin had a bug in the Infection Gamemode in which, if you got infected by someone using this skin, you would be stuck on the map unless you rejoined the game or died in the void when the next map loads.
  • If you zoom into first person while using Torcher, you can see that they have a pink body. This is likely not because they are a pig, but because they are a palette swap of Soldier.
  • MiniToon confirmed in his Doggy's Funeral stream that Torcher and Clowny are, in fact, both animals.[1]
  • Similar to Willow, Grandmother, and some other bots, Torcher’s Outpost Bot previously couldn't be distracted by a decoy.
  • Their greatest enemy is jokingly stated to be Tobi by MiniToon during Tobi's pre-release.
  • Torcher is the only main bot in Book 1 that isn't affected by the bug where the bot can't kill the traitor.
  • Torcher and Delta are the only the only bots that don't show their entire face.
  • In Outpost, there is a note saying: "A state-wide evacuation has begun. I've been assigned to stay here and defend this place for as long as I can, along with a few others. Hopefully the promised backup comes soon." Said backup is speculated to be Torcher.
    • Additionally, there is an encrypted message on a board in Outpost which, when decoded, says: "I was attacked by one of them, and now I am here, wandering, just like them." It is believed that Torcher wrote this message, though it is also possible that some other soldier wrote it instead.
  • The Torcher bot in Build Mode and Swarm uses a new material for their head model instead of the old glass material. However, the skin and the bot in Outpost use the old material.
  • Torcher, Twins, and Poley are the only main bots that use their idle animation when they aren't moving.



Sound origins

  • Their soundtrack is an APM Music track from the Roblox Audio Library called Creeping Dread but slowed down and lower pitched.
  • Their jumpscare sound comes from Team Fortress 2, and is one of Pyro's death sound effects. It can be listened to here in the Roblox Audio Library.
  • Their burning sound is an audio called flamethrower.


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